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Project Details

CO2 Tank Upgrade, Pad Construction & Piping Installation


National poultry manufacturer in Melbourne's northern suburbs.


After analysing the client's operational requirements, the project undertaken was to double the on-site capacity of CO2 by:

Constructing a new concrete pad (slab) for larger and heavier tank to be located in new position.
Replacing 30 tonne vacuum insulated CO2 vessel with a larger 60 tonne vessel.
Installation of new piping, valving and electrical controls.
Integrating and commissioning the new 60 tonne vessel into their current production pipeline.
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Fig. 1 - Finished CO2 concrete vessel pad and tank installed.

Project Scoping:

Utilising SPN's V-model project management system, the client's operational requirements were studied and analysed and final project scope captured in the form of a user requirement specification or URS.​ Once this URS was developed, this was the basis for our project engineer to write a detailed scope of the works requiring completion for the upgrade of the CO2 tank and associated equipment and piping.

The main requirements included:

  • Requirement of a dual vessel (concrete) pad in new location that could not only hold one off 60 tonne vessel but have capability of holding second vessel to cater for future site production increase.
  • Decommission old 30 tonne CO2 vessel and cap off old supply line.
  • Install and integrate new insulated CO2 supply line from new 60 tonne tank and tee into existing line in roof space.
  • Install new 60 tonne CO2 vacuum insulated vessel on site and connect into new supply line.
  • Commission new line and tank and ensure smooth operation of system with UniMix meat mixing machine in production area by supplying liquid CO2 from new tank.
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Fig. 2 - Old 30 tonne CO2 concrete vessel pad and tank.

SPN consulting

Fig. 3 - Proposed site for new 60 tonne vessel and concrete pad before construction.

Project Execution:

The upgrade of this CO2 vessel involved SPN providing a service from the initial project scoping and planning phase, involving specification creation, equipment procurement and sourcing, construction and installation management through to commissioning and production hand-over.

The main project tasks included:

  • Developing project specifications for slab construction - involving stabilising the load experienced by underground piping.
  • Managing:
    • Excavation of slab area in preparation for construction of new slab.
    • Construction of new slab for dual pad arrangement to be able to accommodate two 60 tonne CO2 VIVs (see Fig. 4 below).
    • Installation of electrical power cabling and associated control systems.
    • Installation of new supply line (insulated) piping from new tank to "tee-in" point in roof space. This included specification and installation of new manual and actuated valving - including incorporating a new safety shut-off valve that was interlocked to CO2 air monitors in roof space and production areas inside factory.
    • Delivery and installation of 60 tonne (empty) CO2 vessel on newly constructed pad (see Fig. 8 & 9 below).
    • Removal of old redundant 30 tonne vessel being replaced (on old pad - different location) and decommissioning associated supply piping in roof space.
    • Installation of vessel pad enclosure (mesh fencing) and vehicular barricade protection.
  • Commissioning of system by pressure testing lines (pre-connection into existing line), purging and re-gassing new line to run test discharge of liquid CO2 in line to production area mixing unit.
  • Hand-over of system to production after confirmation of correct operation.
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Fig. 4 - Construction of new dual capacity concrete pad to hold 60 tonne CO2 VIV.

Outcomes & Benefits:

With the completion of this project, the newly installed infrastructure and equipment allowed our client to:

Double their CO2 capacity on site for use in their production mixing facilities.
Mitigate their risk of CO2 supply by being able to hold more CO2 on site at any one time.
Also have the option for a dual CO2 vessel system in future for increased production or further on site storage.​
Improve their safety system in relation to CO2 supply cut-off in the event of higher CO2 content in atmosphere.​
Improved storage pad to be able to accommodate 30 and 60 tonne vessels alike - with secure enclosure.
Easier maintenance of their CO2 system and safety valving.
Opportunity for future use of old 30 tonne vessel for other cryogenic vessel supply.
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Fig. 1 - Finished CO2 concrete vessel pad and tank installed.

SPN consulting

Fig. 5 - New CO2 insulated supply line (on pad) installed to supply liquid CO2 from 60 tonne tank.

SPN consulting

Fig. 6 - 'Tee-in' point to existing line in roof space with actuated safety shut-off valve shown.

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Fig. 7 - Close up of valving installed with manual ball valve and pressure relief valves shown.

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Fig. 8 - Delivery of new 60 tonne CO2 vacuum insulated vessel to site.

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Fig. 9 - Installation of 60 tonne CO2 vessel on newly constructed concrete pad.

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