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Welcome to SPN Consulting, your trusted partner in mechanical engineering consultancy. Our dedicated team offers industry-leading insights, technical excellence, and a streamlined project approach to maximise your efficiency and return on investment.

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What is a Mechanical Engineering Consultant?

A mechanical engineering consultant is a specialist who applies the principles of mechanical engineering to analyse, design, develop, and optimise mechanical systems for various industries. They offer expertise in areas such as machine design, HVAC, automation, energy systems, and manufacturing, among others.

mechanical engineering consultant

As trusted advisors, SPN’s mechanical engineering consultants play an integral role in the development of innovative solutions to complex technical challenges. We help businesses across various sectors to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs while adhering to safety standards and regulatory compliance.

Our mechanical engineering consultants also play a pivotal role in project management. We coordinate and oversee project execution, ensuring the mechanical aspects are seamlessly integrated with the overall project plan. Regular monitoring, timely adjustments, and stringent quality control measures are other significant tasks they perform to guarantee project success.

Look no further than SPN Consulting for the best mechanical engineering consultants at a price that will not break the bank.


As a premier mechanical engineering consulting firm in Australia, we cater to various sectors. We leverage our extensive knowledge and skills to provide innovative solutions tailored to each industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

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SPN Consulting stands at the forefront of the mechanical engineering consultant landscape by offering a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Explore how we can propel your project towards its goals:

Mechanical Design and Development
Root Cause Analysis
Technical Documentation
CAD - 2D & 3D Modelling
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
Safety & Risk Assessment
Feasibility Studies
Project Management
mechanical engineering consultants


At SPN Consulting, we approach each project with a systematic, comprehensive strategy that ensures smooth execution and top-tier results. Our commitment to transparency and communication throughout the project lifecycle sets us apart as a premier mechanical engineering consultancy:

spn mechanical engineering consultants

The journey begins with a deep understanding of your objectives. This involves full conversations to accurately define the project scope and desired outcomes. Our skilled consulting engineers in Melbourne will assess potential hurdles and earmark the resources to lay the groundwork for a successful project.

We’ll give you an initial project budget based on our preliminary assessment. This ballpark figure helps you understand the anticipated financial commitment and promotes transparent and informed decision-making.

Upon your agreement with the plan and budget, our team advances to the detailed design phase. We detail the specifics of the solution, aligning it with your objectives and industry norms. We also present a detailed cost estimate at this stage to provide you with a more definitive financial forecast.

With your green light, our team puts the plan into action. We employ our expertise in project engineering and leverage state-of-the-art tools and methods to meticulously implement the plan. Our commitment to excellence ensures every element of the project is managed with unparalleled professionalism and efficiency.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we implement rigorous monitoring and control protocols. This allows us to oversee progress, manage risks effectively, and ensure we're on the path to achieving your objectives. Regular updates are shared to keep you well-informed.

Post successful implementation, we formally wrap up the project, confirming that all deliverables have been met and all project documentation has been handed over to you. However, our support extends beyond project closure — we remain available for post-project assistance, addressing any queries or needs that may arise.


Maximise Efficiency and Minimise Labour Cost

Our expert consulting engineers will devise and execute strategies to reduce labour expenses while boosting production. We're adept at creating systems that enhance your profit margins.

High-Quality Engineering Consulting Services at Competitive Prices

Our pricing strategy is designed to deliver top-notch, mechanical engineering consulting services without straining your budget. We believe in offering the best return on your investment, while delivering superb assistance.

Fixed Quotes

Transparency is a value we hold in high regard, and this extends to our pricing. Once we quote a project, we stick to that quote even if costs increase. This ensures you won't be surprised with unexpected charges midway through the project. However, should there be changes to the initial project scope, additional costs may apply, but we will always communicate these ahead of time.

Guaranteed Delivery, Regardless of Circumstances

When our mechanical engineering consultants undertake a project, we guarantee its delivery, no matter the unforeseen circumstances. Our adaptable approach and diligent planning allow us to overcome challenges and fulfil our promises.

24-Hour Response

We respect your time and are committed to providing swift, efficient services. Whether it's a query or a project update, we take pride in our prompt 24-hour response time.

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